Those Dreaded Stretch Marks

imageThey’re one of the dreaded side effects of pregnancy that all us women worry about but stretch marks can be avoided.

I hate to break to you but between 75 and 90% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy, here are a few tips on how to treat them and hopefully prevent them.


Massage your skin everyday with moisturiser and oils and most importantly maintain a healthy diet if possible.

Massaging your skin everyday with moisturiser or a massage glove can help to improve circulation, which encourages new tissue to grow. It is also important to eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and silica that help to keep skin the healthy.

Moisturisers and oils.

Don’t worry about paying the earth for products. There’s so much now on the market ranging from £1 to £30 it’s just finding the best product that works for you. My Mum told me she used good old olive oil and coconut oil on me and she didn’t get any.

At the moment I’m using Viridian Organic Skin Repair Oil every night. The oil is so delicate and nourishing on the skin and easily absorbs in. The aroma of it is incredible, I’m not joking I could use it as perfume. To see all products visit.