Lost My Appetite AGAIN!!

So I’m in to my second trimester (yey) and I’ve lost my appetite again. I feel so sorry for my poor sister Michelle, I’m on the phone to her every other day asking “Is this normal to feel this way, am I okay to eat this” This list is endless really but it’s just one of those things we go through during pregnancy. As a person who eats a lot and I mean a lot, this is a new experience in itself for me. Just the smell of food makes me feel sick, even the look of it and especially cooking it. Chicken I’ve completely gone off, all meats in general. My poor boyfriend Stuart is on a right nightmare, he used to gourmet meals made off me and now he’s being presented wity a Pot Noodle most nights the poor sod but these are the things we go through and in the end it’s all worth it.