Kokoso Baby Cocunut Oil


So excited to use this on baby when he or she arrives. Ive read so many good reviews on it and what’s even BETTER!! It’s all natural.

A little bit about Kokoso Oil.
Kokoso Baby is the natural infant skincare brand started by a mum whose little girl was having a tough time with her dry skin. She spent a long time searching for the perfect lightweight coconut oil for baby skincare – and didn’t stop until she’d found something really special to share with other mums and dads and their little ones.
Loaded with amazing natural nutrients, with nothing stripped away through processing or added to dilute its purity, Kokoso Baby is the highest quality fresh-pressed raw virgin organic coconut oil and nothing else. Just how we like it.


Here is a list of the many uses Kokoso Baby Oil can be used for.
The multitasking wonder oil
As well as being the most gentle natural oil to moisturise your baby’s skin with, there are so many other ways you and your little one can benefit from using Kokoso Baby. Here are just a few of them – and you can find plenty of other tips on our mummy blog including beauty and hair care tips for you too.

Dry skin

If your baby has dry skin, applying Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil regularly throughout the day can help to hydrate and nourish their skin. A wonderful natural emollient, our premium organic coconut oil has also been known to be helpful for dry skin conditions such as eczema. Read more on the blog here.

Bottom balm

We’re delighted that Kokoso Baby has scooped a Mumsnet Best Award for use as a nappy cream. Simply apply Kokoso at every nappy change to help keep skin fresh, healthy and soft. Containing natural antibacterial properties and healing lauric acid, it can also be used as an organic remedy to help soothe and treat nappy rash. Find out more on the blog here.

Cradle cap

Read our blog here on how we successfully used Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil to combat cradle cap. You can buy our natural baby brush set here.

Baby’s sore creases

Soothe sore creases by dabbing a dash of Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil on troublesome areas.

Flaky newborn skin

Safe to use from day one, you can nourish the flaky dry skin of your newborn by smoothing on a little Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil.

Baby massage

Recommended by infant massage teachers, Kokoso Baby is the perfect natural oil to use for massaging your little one whilst also nourishing and protecting their skin – either at a class or as part of their relaxation routine before bed. Visit the blog here for instructions, testimonials and photos.
Baby acne

We’ve had some amazing feedback from mums who’ve successfully used Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil to help keep precious little cheeks naturally soft, smiley and pimple-free. See before & after photos and read testimonials on the blog here.